Baviphat Paprika Trouble Out Jelly Cream

What is it?

Fresh and lightweight skin moisturizer comes in a jelly texture to step skin in hydration, without a greasy or tacky feel.

Paprika purifies and detoxifies pores to minimize sebum production and heal existing blemishes, while preventing future blemishes from taking root on your face.

Active Ingredients:

Paprika extract, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera leaves extract, Witch Hazel


A cute paprika-shaped plastic container. A mini plastic spoon included to pick up the product.


- Color: light pink
- Texture: gel, watery when applied
- Scent: doesn't smell like Paprika at all. It has a mild soothing fragrance

My Review:

I first saw this product on ChicPrincessa while I was looking for a moisturizer to be used on daily basis under my BB cream. And even though my skin is a combination type, but it gets generally oily and greasy during the hot and humid weather so I decided that I want to go for a product that is oil-free, light-wearing, gives a matte effect, and yet can deliver enough moisturizing effect to my skin.

( More plus point, this product was also said to have a blemish healing and preventing effect. Definitely to go with my acne-prone skin. And the price is somehow reasonably cheap).

When applied, the jelly consistency turns watery and sunk immediately into my skin, leaving a refreshed feeling and a super matte finish.

The few first time I wore this product, my face stayed oil-free for like 3-4 hours but lately it gets oily just within 2 hours or less ( I really don't understand why, but I blamed it all on the weather. It was insanely hot and humid these past few months *argh).

After around 3 months I'm using this product, I never breakout from it. Though I also must say that I don't experience the blemish healing-preventing effect from this product


99.000 IDR at ChicPrincessa
$18.00 at Korean Things

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5

Will I re-purchase:

This is, so far, the best day cream I've used under my BB cream. But I'm eager to find another product with better mattifying effect and more benefits to treat my acne-prone skin.

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