Revlon: ColorStay™ Mineral LipGlaze Review

What is it?

Revlon’s first longwearing lip gloss with a unique mineral complex that provides a glossy seal of conditioning color. Just one application of this cushiony formula keeps lips coated with comfortable color for up to 8 hours, with no need for touch-ups. Available in 12 gorgeous, glossy shades including 4 new shades.

Usage Tips:

For a polished and perfect lip look, apply foundation on and around the lips before lip color. Foundation helps to prep the lip area for a more flawless application and helps lip color last longer.

Active Ingredients:

Not available



Plastic hour-glass shaped tube. Feathered brush applicator. 4,4 ml


On lips,

* Both pictures were taken under indoor's lighting, no flash

- Color:
  • Eternal Blossom: Frosty, shimmering pink
  • Neverending Nude ( Timeless Nude): Solid beige
- Texture: creamy, thick, solid liquid to cream.
- Scent: Smells ( and tastes) like burnt plastic. So awful.

My Review:

This has been one of my favorite products for quite a period of time.

It has everything that it promises. Beautiful glossy colors, great pigments, and decent staying power. The only turn-off is it's strong awful plastic scent.

At first application, the formula feels thick, sticky, tacky, and heavy on my lips. But soon as it dries, the gloss lightly covered my lips and doesn't feel as sticky or heavy as it first applied.

Beware of the scent though ( as a reminder, it also tastes awful). From another reviews that I read before purchasing the product, it was said that the product could cause nausea and minor headache to some people. I, personally, have experienced it several times but not as bad as people said. If you're allergic or strongly dislike intense or chemical-ish scent, than this product is not recommended.

Talking about the staying power, this product could stay up to around 3-4 hours on my lips. When I eat or drink, the gloss fades and creates pretty natural stain. So, eating or not, drinking or not, the gloss still look pretty on my lips. I have nothing to worry about.

So far, it doesn't dry up my lips and I'm not allergic to it.


I don't remember. But it was sold under 100.000 IDR

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5.
I wish Revlon would work on the formula to create better scent.

Will I re-purchase:


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