VOV Goodbye Eyepender Eyebrow Pencil Review

What is it?

VOV Good-bye Eye Pender Eyebrow Pencil is a auto-pencil that allows easy application. Containing natural wax ingredient, it performs cake-free and long-lasting flawless wear.


Active Ingredients:

Not available


Black plastic packaging with a brow brush in one end and the brow pencil at the other end.

What I love most from this product is its triangle shaped tip ( I'm a big fan of using angle brush to apply my old brow powder and this tip acts the same as the angle brush. Smart!).



Mine is #23 ( Black Brown)

- Color: Dark ash brown
- Texture: Hard pencil
- Scent: None

My Review:

I bought this product mainly because my NYX's Eyebrow Cake Powder crushed when I brought it out in my cosmetic purse. I was thinking about buying a new NYX's but then, I thought it'd be best to buy an efficient product that isn't as fragile as my NYX's so I can bring it on my purse without being afraid that it would get crushed again.

So I ended up with this product. And it's not a regret.

In a single sentence, I TOTALLY LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

Starting from the packaging,

As I have mentioned above, I love the triangle shaped tip of the product ( it acts similar to an angle brush, I noticed), making it easier for me to draw my brows. And the brow brush in one packaging is also a bonus point. It's a very efficient product in one packaging, I must say. Just like what I was searching for.

Moving on to the product itself,

First, I love the color. I have black/ dark brown hair and hairy brows so it's not easy for me to find a perfect color of eyebrow pencil. I tried a brown brow pencil from a local product ( I think it's "Viva") and the color is too reddish brown for my eyebrows so I dropped it off. Then came my NYX's Eyebrow Cake Powder in "Black/Gray", it worked well, but I had to mix both of the colors to get the sharp yet natural eyebrow's color ( using black itself gave me a harsh lined eyebrows). And then came this product. The color is just perfect for my eyebrows. Not too dark, yet it looked natural. So it really works for me.

The next good thing about this product is that it's easy to use. Despite the hard consistency of the pencil, it glides easily on my eyebrows and doesn't get clumpy or cakey, giving my brows a soft yet defined natural look.

At a closer look,

However this product is not "waterproof" as it claimed. But I don't really care since it doesn't smudge and it stays on perfectly during my outdoor hours ( around 6 hours or so) in a hot and humid weather of this capital city of Indonesia ( means sweats and etc).

* washed and rubbed using water + soap ( applause to Viva for the staying power. Too bad that I hate the color...)


65.000 IDR at ChicPrincessa
US$ 6.20 at Sasa.com

Overall Rating:

5 out of 5

Will I re-purchase:

Yes. Totally

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