Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel Review

What is it?

Provides on-the-go daily prevention and relief from chafing and irritation in intimate, delicate areas like the inner thigh, bikini area, and under arms and breasts.
Non-greasy. Non-irritating. Non-staining.

Why Women Love It:

Here's a summary of what women reported they liked best about Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel as a makeup primer (foundation base).

· Dries to a powder finish.
· Creates a matte surface so makeup glides on and stays on.
· Smooths out large pores, uneven skin tone and blemishes.
· Prevents breakouts.
· Allows for much smoother for eye shadow application on mature skin.
· Keeps make-up looking fresh by locking it in.
· Makes your face look youthful and dewy.
· Helps concealer glide on.
· Doesn't feel greasy.
· Helps mineral make up last longer and look less cakey.
· Makeup stays on for 8+ hours, looking as good as when first applied.
· Excellent mattifier on top of any cream/lotion/sunscreen.
· Fragrance free.
· Non-irritating.
· Non-toxic.
· Non-staining
· Smooths skin texture which reflects light and eliminates shadows (so you look younger)
· Tasteless (if someone kisses your cheek)
· Non-pore-clogging (non-comedogenic)
· Keeps your makeup fresh in 100+ degree heat (great for summer)
· Gentle enough to use every day.
· Softens appearance of fine lines.

Downside and Drawbacks:

· Made by Monistat -- not a name you associate with makeup.
· Doesn't contain sunscreen.
· Often sold out at local stores and hard to find.
· Need to stockpile (get the discount 3-pack available only at Amazon.com)

Why It Works:

The secret ingredient in Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel is dimethicone, which is found in all the high-end foundation/face primers. Dimethicone is a silicone emollient (a skin softener) that forms a silky, breathable barrier between the skin on your face and your foundation.

1. This barrier locks in your moisturizer under your make-up to keep your skin nourished.

2. The dimethicone barrier prevents oils from your skin from breaking through to your foundation. Since the oils can't get through, your skin never looks greasy or oily. No more blotting.

3. While dimethicone prevents oil from getting out, it also prevents your foundation from getting in. This means that your skin won't absorb your makeup so your makeup looks fresh all day, even on hot days. It holds makeup in place so well and for so many hours, many women report that they have stopped powdering their faces, giving their skin a more natural, youthful look.

Source: http://review-monistat-face-primer.uncensoredguides.com/

Usage Instructions:

Apply a small amount of it on your face after your daily skin treatment regimens and before your foundation.

Active Ingredients:

Dimethicone 1,2%


Plastic tube. No applicator. 42 g


- Color: transparent
- Texture: gel that turns into powder finish once it rubbed
- Scent: none

* Foundation applied

As you can see from both pictures, the product fills in the lines, making it smooth and even.

My Review:

Almost everyone in a forum that I joined have been talking about this product. I was curious and pretty excited about it, I mean... A great primer for such a price? So then I decided to give it a try.

I'd never thought a second to put this on my face if I haven't read all the reviews about how good and cheap this product is as a make-up primer. One thing that assure me more is because it was written in the tube 'The Skin Protectant". It shouldn't do my face any harm, isn't it?

I've been wearing this product everytime I went out of the house for around 2 weeks.

I love how it feels when applied on my face. It glides easily on my face, smoothing out my skin and eliminates shines, providing a good silky matte base to apply my make up on. One thing that I noticed when I washed my hands after applying this gel + foundation is that the foundation gets off easily and the layer of this product repels water from my hands. Same thing happens when I blotted my face, there is foundation on my blotting paper!! I guess this product works well as a barrier to prevent direct contact of foundation to my skin, but it also doesn't make my foundation attached ( if you get what I mean...). Good thing is, the make up stays on as long as I don't blot or wipe...

Using thing, my face is oil-free for around 8 hours ( so I don't see any need to blot anyways...). I use it on top of my face serum and bb cream and under my liquid foundation, yet it doesn't feel heavy or cakey.

Moving on to the cons, I'm getting breakouts from this product. Due to my experience about how this product repels water, I think I might need a good deep cleansing product to remove it from my face.


140.000 IDR at Indomakeup
$7.99 at drugstore.com

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5

Will I re-purchase:

I honestly don't know. I might go for a primer that has corrective color instead of repurchasing this product.

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