BRTC Blemish Recover Balm

What is it?

Blemish Balm specifically for troubled skin will cover up skin naturally while healing underneath.

Active Ingredients:

Magnolia, Officinalis Bark extract, Grapefruit, Mango, Ginger, Lavender, Tea tree oil.

( Grapefruit? Mango? WOW)


White plastic tube without applicator. 40 ml


- Color: has pink undertone. Available in one shade
-Texture: cream
- Scent: smells like medicinal herb ( the bark, I guess...)

My review:

So far, this is my favorite BB cream. It was previously known as Perfect Recover Balm but then it was discontinued and replaced with it's new version, Blemish Recover Balm ( I like the old version more because PR Balm is easier to blend and the consistency is lighter than BR Balm. I still have one tube of PR Balm, but I don't see any use of reviewing it because the product is no longer available on the market).

Moving on,

The cream is very thick and a bit difficult to blend. It has pinkish shade and therefore, I don't think it would work on dark to medium skin tone ( you would looked like wearing a ghost mask) even though it was said that the only shade can fits all skin tone.

The coverage is medium to full. It feels heavy on my face, but thanks God it's not cakey. The coverage is buildable too. So you can wear it thin-layered for daily activities and build up to full-layered for special occasions.

I never breaking out from using this product. About the healing properties, I rarely break out since I wear it on daily basis and if I do, the scars healed up faster.

I applied the cream on my most troubled area of the face ( I'm sorry for the bad pictures. I break out so bad after having a full heavy make-up for my inauguration ceremony two weeks ago and due to hormonal problems *psh*),

At a closer look,

Even though it has medium to full coverage, you would still need concealer to conceal extra dark-pigmented freckles or acne scars. And see how it lightens my uneven skin tone.

For fair judgment, another side of my face which is in better condition,

Looks better? =P

The point is, you won't need concealer if your skin is in good condition because the cream could do the job pretty well.

To conclude the review:

For skin tone: Fair, very fair
For skin type: Troubled skin
Oil Control: Medium to strong
Coverage: Medium to full
Finishing: Matte
Oxidized on face: No
SPF: 28


$39.00 at it's official website, BRTC
269.000 IDR at www.chicprincessa.com

Overall Rating:

5 out of 5. So far, this is the best BB cream I've tried

Will I re-purchase:

Without no doubt :)

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Anonymous Anonim said...
Mau tanya dong, brtc perfect recover sm yg blemish recover bedanya apa selain spf ? Kalo dari segi warna, oil control, ga bikin jerawatannya, sama ga sm yg dulu?

Blogger Ms. A said...
Sorry for the late reply... *sempet lupa id-pass untuk login T_T*

In my opinion,

Blemish recover itu warnanya sedikit lebih gelap dan konsistensinya lebih pekat daripada perfect recover. Oil kontrol sama aja, hasil akhirnya juga sama-sama glowy, dan sama-sama ga bikin jerawatan.

Kalo aq pribadi lebih cinta si perfect recover karena dia lebih gampang di blend :)

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