NYX Tinted Lip Spa

What is it?

Tinted Lip Spa is specially formulated with vitamin E and extra moisturizing properties to nourish and condition lips while adding color. Lavish your lips to spa treatment everyday.


Active Ingredients:

Ceresin wax, Microcrystalline wax, Beeswax, Olive Wax, Titanium dioxide, Mica,
Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Lanolin oil, Hydrogenated resin, Pigment.


Black round plastic tube with transparent circle on the top of it's cap, allowing you to see the color without opening the cap. 4,8 g


Available colors:


Mine is Spirit,

- Color: Nude
- Texture: Creamy
- Scent: Menthol

My Review:

Basically, I'm a kind of girl who opt for a lip product with vivid color and good staying power. But the description of this tinted lip spa intrigued me quite much that I decided to give it a try.

Applied to the lips, the product glides on smoothly and easily, giving a cooling minty sensation to my lips ( quite refreshing to be worn on a hot sunny day). Granted, it moisturizes my lips but the moisture stays only for couple of hours. 3 hours to the max, I noted.

And the product is not very pigmented, but it is probably because I bought a nude color, I should try a bright color one to be able to give fair judgment about the pigmentation.

My major turn off about this product is that it leaves white flakes on my lips when it dries up. I hate when my lipstick does that on me, urgh.

In my conclusion, this product is wearable for short period and when you wanted a natural look ( as you can't rely on its staying power).


$ 5.50 USD

Overall Rating:

1 out of 5

Will I re-purchase:


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