Etude's Fresh Cherry Tint Review

What is it?

Creamy Milk Moisture + Cherry Red Tint. Milky smooth texture in cherry tinted colors to accentuate lips with a naturally blushed and moist look.


Active Ingredients:

Unknown for now.


A small plastic bottle with feathered applicator on it's cap. 9 g

Feathered applicator



I bought #1 ( cherry red)

When it rubbed

- Color: red rose
- Scent: Cherry-ish ( tastes like cherry mint! Yum!)
- Texture: Creamy which turns to watery when applied

Another color choices:


My review:

I love this product. The cute packaging surely adds an extra value.

You should
apply the product quick enough to your entire lips before the color stained and stayed ( I once had stripped lips because of a bad application).

The cherry tint gives a cherry-ish cold sensation to my lips. Very comfortable.

The staying power is great for a lip tint. Once it stained, it's going to stay for quite a long time ( I applied the tint and tried to remove it with water but it stayed. I tried Revlon Make-Up Remover and it stayed still).

Another thing that I noticed is that this product dries your lips. I, sometimes, put lip balm before applying the tint to prevent it from drying out my lips. Therefore it doesn't recommended for those with sensitive, dry, or chapped lips.

In the middle picture, you can see that it started to dry my lips.

Final result! Pretty stained lips! ( though I don't recommend you to use a lot of layers because it would looks "bloody" scary under the sun light)


Around 75.000 IDR

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5.

Will I re-purchase:

Sure, but I would go for another shade ( #3 cherry peach would be a wiser choice)

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Anonymous Anonim said...
bagus la blog awk ni..
actually, i was about to buy the bioglo lip cream...but since you dont recommend the product, so, i dont know how to decide the best for my lips..

btw, your lips are beautiful..

yanti (malaysian)

Blogger Ms. A said...
Thank you, Yanti ^^

I'm glad that you like my blog. Have you tried this lip tint? =D

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